A Software Consultancy Specialising in Clojure.

We help businesses rapidly implement robust solutions for mission-critical problems.


We provide training courses in Clojure fundamentals, Datomic, ClojureScript, Om, Riemann, core.async, core.logic and more.


If you are considering Clojure on a mission-critical project we offer specialist advice and delivery at any stage of your project.

Tech Talks

Ask us to give a talk to your organisation about adopting Clojure on large-scale projects.


We have led and delivered numerous high-profile Clojure projects.

We consult for organisations, large and small, providing training, software development and advice.

We are backed by a diverse network of professionals located across the UK and Europe.

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London, UK

Our Clients

  • Mastodon C
  • JoyPlay
  • MailOnline
  • Agents' Mutual